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Curso elemental de serbio + CD audio + diccionario en once lenguas


I always received professional help with regards to the Serbian language, with information from cultural and museum events and, most importantly, with a warm smile. Everyone was always there to work, and ready to help me. For the students it’s...

Dominika Poplawska,

Now I'm on the Azbukum online course to continue my study in between my working hours. It already proved its use and the contact with a helpful and kind teacher makes it more pleasant. I really like it and need less discipline than I thought I would. The only thing missing in comparison to live classes is the speaking part, but I believe that will come naturally once I'm back there.

In short: highly recommendable.

Stefan Mihailovic, Belgium (2007)


I thought the course was excellent, and I would recommend it to others. My knowledge has certainly improved, but I need a lot more speaking practice. I intend to go over my notes now and to re-learn the many things I have forgotten. I will certainly take the next course (D2), in the future.

Paul Bonsar (2002), United Kingdom


I enjoy the course so far, even if I sometimes am short of time to comply with my deadlines. I am learning quite a lot and am having the opportunity to practice what I have learned thus far with my girlfriend, her family and some of our friends.


Philippe Trahan (2001), Canada


Surprisingly good!

Nick Crook (2003) European Parliament, Belgium