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A unique program for advanced Serbian language learners. Contemporary Serbian language, interesting topics, conversational patterns, syntax building, synonyms and antonyms, ...


I am a PhD student of English and Applied Linguistics at the Cambridge University, U K. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Nataša MD, a director of Azbukum, her associates, and last but not least, the students of Serbian language...

Ivana Vidaković,
United Kingdom

No time to travel to Serbia? Register for an Azbukum Internet Course and learn Serbian online.


The flexibility of the Online Program appeals to self-motivated learners and those seeking an alternative to on-site classes. With these self-paced courses, students can access lessons from anywhere, at any time. Students can pause, repeat or skip lessons based on their personal needs.

Schedule your lessons when it’s convenient for you. Setting up an appointment with your tutor is easy. Consult your tutor, select your lesson time, and begin - it’s that simple!

NOTE: Apart from course tuition and potential costs associated with certain computer program installation requirements, there is a small registration fee which covers additional administrative and Internet costs.

Generally the online student will pay lower fees than a student enrolled in a conventional course. Being an external student one will need strong motivation and a determination to succeed. Online student also takes a full and active responsibility for organizing his own studies and pacing himself.

Course Tutors

Azbukum tutors combine professionalism and experience with a caring attitude. Our teachers use their expertise to guide the curriculum and provide personalized evaluation and feedback to students. The tutor will monitor student progress, adjust lesson plans, and review difficult concepts.

Tutors will correct and return student homework within 48 hours of submission. On weekends and public holidays, (e.g. Christmas and Easter) tutors have 72 hours to correct and return student homework and respond to student inquiries.

Should the student need to interrupt his studies for longer than two weeks, s/he must inform the tutor or the Centre at least 10 days in advance. Failure to respond to the tutor's homework revisions within two weeks time will result in the automatic termination of the course. Course fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and the whole enrollment procedure has to be repeated.


All Azbukum Online students receive a Certificate upon finishing their course(s) and after taking the Final Exam. The Certificate will be sent to the address the student provides to the Centre prior to the start of the course. Per request, Azbukum can issue an Official Transcript.

Online Lesson Structure

Every lesson consists of the following:

1. Introduction to a specific lexical unit (expressions and idioms)
2. Reading and Comprehension
3. Listening Passages and Exercises
4. Cultural Tips
5. Grammar Patterns and Exercises
6. Vocabulary (D1 and D2 levels)
7. Worksheets (to be returned to the tutor for correction)

Online Program Structure

The Online Program consists of three language levels:
• Beginner (code: D1)
• Low-Intermediate (code: D2)
• Intermediate (code: D3)

There are Two Types of Online Programs:
a) The Self-Paced Online Course (D1)
b) Azbukum Interactive: D2 and D3 (utilizing the internet facilities Skype, Chat and E-mail)

Absolute beginners can start the D1 course immediately without taking the Placement Test. Online students who do have some previous knowledge of Serbian, but have not attended any of the Azbukum language courses, will need to take the Placement Test.

The language of instruction for a D1 course is English. The language of instruction for D2 and D3 courses is Serbian. English may also be used to explain certain expressions or grammar constructions.

Both D1 and D2 courses consist of 10 lessons and 4 review tests, while the D3 course consists of 3 packages of 5 lessons and the student decides how many packages are needed. As the D3 course is not done completely through the Internet, the listening/audio passages are recorded and sent to the student. It is estimated that at least 2 hours are needed to complete one lesson and 1 hour for each test. There are approximately 30 hours of student work for the first two levels and 10 per each package of the D3 course. All courses end with a Final Exam. The student needs to make an initial calculation of the overall number of hours per week and number of weeks/months needed for his/her studies, and should be aware of the difficulties and pressures associated with independent study.