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Σερβική γλώσσα για αρχάριους + ακουστικά αρχεία + λεξικό μεταφρασμένο σε 11 γλώσσες


I am a PhD student of English and Applied Linguistics at the Cambridge University, U K. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Nataša MD, a director of Azbukum, her associates, and last but not least, the students of Serbian language...

Ivana Vidaković,
United Kingdom

During the winter and summer programs, the Azbukum Centre organizes various half-day or one-day excursions throughout Serbia. In addition to traveling to national and historic landmarks in Serbia (towns, parks, monasteries, spas), students are invited to visit museums, galleries, theaters and concerts in the towns in which they will be studying (Novi Sad or Belgrade).


The excursions and tours are led by Azbukum staff or professional guides, and special attention is paid to those who cannot speak and understand Serbian. Interpreting services may be made available in the following languages: English, Russian, or German.